Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ode To Tiffy

What can I say
About little Miss Tiffy,
When I call to complain,
She comes in a jiffy.
Packing up kids
and her husband as well,
She's off to rescue me
from my own personal hell.
If only it weren't
for darn Mother Nature,
closing the pass,
sometimes I just hate her!
But the act of the trip
meant more than you know.
With you in my life
I have somewhere to go.
I can't thank you enough
for thinking of me.
I'm so blessed to have you
as part of my family!


Tharker said...

You have such a great sister in law! And if I must say, she also has a great name! Excellent poem by the way.

Parenting Diva said...

Karen what a delightful poem! I feel so special! Freaking Mother Nature. That bitch. :-)

What in laws came to see the new house? Rick and Sharon?

Puerto Rican Princess said...

They were supposed to come last weekend but Ricky got sick and apparently he still is sick. So no one has seen the house.

How was skiing?