Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My 2008

You know how the New Year is supposed to greet you with a big ol' smile that makes you want to get crackin', on everything, right away?

Yeah, that hasn't happened to me.

I've been reading everyone's posts about lists and goals and to-do's and it all makes me....well.... want to sleep.


Usually I am full of New Year cheer and ready to hit the ground running. And I've done a few of my usual January things; closets have been cleaned out, the pantry has been organized, etc, but I still feel as though I'm lacking that cheerful oomph that really gets me in the swing of things. It's completely annoying, let me tell you.

For example: today I had great plans of making something new and exciting for dinner but now I'm leaning towards a baked potato and a piece of chicken. Maybe a salad, but I don't want to get too crazy.

I've even spent some time on the Internet trying to be inspired by something, anything, but I've got nothing. It's very strange, this current world of mine.

Perhaps it's because I still find myself in the throws of throw up, or because I am COMPLETELY PSYCHOTIC about this new baby as in I'm 100% sure it has 3 heads and twelve toes. Maybe it's because I feel like Shamu's cousin and nothing fits me. Or maybe it's because I'm so tired that just sitting down makes me doze off for a minute..................see, there I go again.

Anyway, if anyone has a remedy for this funk, please let me know. I hate being whiny Karen, but she seems to be the only one showing her face these days. I'm ready for funny and fabulous Karen to step back into the spotlight.


GS said...

You've taken your tree down and you've cleaned your house. You are way ahead of me. I love the new slide show!

Ms. Kristen said... is the hormone thing! I know all about it! Hang in there...deep breathes....listen to more Mandy her CD! You have a great excuse to drift off....are you sure you are having more than one?
See you on Friday!
I loooove Sienna! Her little personality is so adorable! Too cute!

dandee said...

Karen, you are fabulous even when you're in a funk.

Shayla said...

I hear ya, although, I have to admit I've NEVER been one to get all inspired and excited about resolutions at the New Year. I'm such a pessimist, but I just know it's one more thing to put on my list that WON'T get done. :-) Give yourself some kudos, you've already gotten the closets cleaned and the pantry organized...that's more than I can say for myself and I'm not pregnant, hormonal or puking. :-)

Tharker said...

I love you even in your psychotic pregnant state! G.S. and Shayla are right, you need to give yourself more credit for the things you've done while feeling like CRUD! That's a huge accomplishment in itself.

And for the record, I haven't made one single resolution either. Maybe I'll do it next week...what do ya think should I put "STOP PROCRASTINATING" at the top of my list?

Brooklet said...

I think it hormones too- pregnancy and post pregnancy will do that to ya. My advice, that usually always pulls me out of a funk is to take some time for you, hang out with girls who make you laugh, and eat lots of yummy food. Its rejuvinating!

Lindsay said...

I think I'm the wrong person to be giving you advice on how to get out of a January funk. See, when you said you had already cleaned out closets and your pantry but STILL needed to GET into the swing of things, I was thinking to myself, "Wow! She ALREADY cleaned out closets and her pantry...She is REALLY in the swing of things!"

Kelly said...

Yes... after reading this post, I'm feeling like a slug. You have done so much already AND you are growing a human being! Dang, are too hard on yourself. I think it's time for you to spend some quality time on YOU. Pedicure? Massage? Maybe you outta meet me at the CF for an avacado eggroll? Just some suggestions. :)

Movie Queen said...

I was proud of myself for doing a load of laundry today.

Michele said...

Buck up camper! Get your rear in gear, stop whining and get off of the couch!

Mass love :)

meohmyers said...

You know what they say, in order to get out of your own funk you need to get into someone else's - to make sure you know how good you've got it. Looks like there's lots of us out here that can use some clean closets and an organized pantry! Start working, woman!

Just kidding. I think you have every reason to feel funkish. Sounds like you need a girls night out. Or atleast a date with hubby. When can I watch your sweet kids? I mean it. Call me.

Sarah said...

If you are in a funk, then the rest of us must really be slackers! It's normal, pretty soon you'll be in crazy nesting mode and then no one will be able to stop you. It's ok to slow down and take a break for a while.

Marilyn said...

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."

I firmly believe that pregnancy is the time and season to be a whiner :)

Heather said...

I'm with Marilyn- there will be time to be resolute... it's just not now!

Melissa said...

You could make resolutions like my uncle did... eat more, exercise less, gain 10 pounds... my cousin doesn't want to get organized and I think I've decided to spend more time reading books and less time doing laundry. All in all it looks to be a promising year for my family ;)
Blame it on the hormones - always.
I'm sorry you're in such a funk. I had a similar experience with my last baby... I gain weight just thinking about pregnancy. I hope you get feelin a little better! And who needs resolutions?? Go to Lee's blog
... I hope I did that link right.. she talks about not having resolutions - it was a great post!