Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Older and Wiser

Today is my 34th birthday.

And in keeping with tradition (I am all about tradition)
I'm making this year's list of reasons why it's great to be me:

I am 34 years old.

I am healthy.

I have four healthy children.

My husband continues to amaze me.

I am making progress at reclaiming this body that has been busy doing other things.

I have taken an active role in my children's education.

I am often told that my home feels warm and comfortable which is exactly what I want.

I laugh at myself.

I have a mother who is working diligently to heal and in turn, is.

I have a brother who is completely enjoying the life he's created and is incredibly good at it.

I have a father who loves me and would still do anything for me.

I have friends who go out of their way to show me their love.

I have a new fascination with cupcakes.

I am loving the backyard we are slowly creating and imagine the fun that's to come.

Viera's Bakery is right around the corner.

I get to go here with these awesome people.

Even though I was told otherwise as a teen, your thirties really is what it's all about.

I am finding a personal style that I really like.

I feel completely content in my decision to have four children and no more.

I have made a serious effort in being aware of what my children eat and how healthy it is for their thriving bodies.

Going to TJ Maxx makes me happy.

I can cook with garlic.

I'm in love with this idea:
"My happiness is tied to how I feel about myself. I want my girls to see a mother who takes care of herself."
-Michelle Obama
I'm finally working hard to live that for myself.

I belong to a church where I don't always understand everything, but I know it is giving me the best possible tools to raise a good family.

The need for plastic surgery aside, I look pretty good for a mother of four.

For the most part, I've stopped being complacent and am actively working on the areas of my life that need improvement.

I have great calves.

I dance with my children on a regular basis.

I am an organizational freak.




and him:

My husband surprised me with taking the day off so he could spoil me all day long.

What an incredibly lucky girl I am. Thanks to everyone for showering me with love and helping me achieve the life I've always wanted.

Happy birthday to me!


Trevor and Sara said...

Feliz Cumpleanos!!!! And let me just add, you are GORGEOUS!!!! Everytime Melanie and I see uou, we look at each other and say, "She is too pretty. We hate her." But we really don't. :)Happy, happy birthday!!!

Kelly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN! May your day be filled with unlimited spoiling, a visit to TJ Maxx, a taste treat from Viera's, and some serious dancing with the family!

It's so true that the 30's are where it's at! ENJOY!

tharker said...

Happy Birthday Karen J!!

I am so glad that you are loving the life that you've created. You are a great example to me in so many areas, and I love you!!

Libby said...

Brad is my hero! I know he was stressing a gift, but he nailed it... time is the best gift EVER!

Happy Birthday, K-Ronimo! ... or is it Libby? No, I'm Libby! :)

Stacia said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Great list, and I hope you have a great day with Brad! And some fresh baked goodness from Viera's!

hatch said...

I totally agree with you on the
30's thing! I hope you have a birthday as wonderful as you are.

Washington Rimmasch Family said...

Happy Birthday. I hope your birthday is full of fun and maybe a few fun surprises. Love the list that was fun to read.

Heather said...

Cooking with garlic is a fine attribute. 34 is gonna be good.

Annette Rose said...

You are awesome! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL day and that you are being spoiled. I too have discovered a love of garlic! You are so much fun. So glad we are friends. HAVE A GREAT DAY! BTW- missed you at "Bunko" last night!

lovely lindsay said...

happy birthday, my bloggy-friend. maybe in honor of both of our birthday's we should do something in real life?!

enjoy this day celebrating you.
love, lindsay

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Karen - hope you have a fabulous day.

lindsay>boo said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You are a wonderful person for all the reasons you just mentioned and more. I've really enjoyed our friendship over the years. You are fun, funny, caring, always so willing to help, and most of all you are the type of person that inspires others. Thanks so much for everything you do and are. I really hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Dandee said...

Karen, 34!? How is that possible? You look completely fabulous. I haven't seen you for a while, but that picture in the post below shows that your hard work is paying off. Hooray for birthdays!

Knotaklu said...

Happy Birthday Karen!! I continue to rejoice that your such good friends with Michele and the other Fab Four members. Your entering a great part of life.

polka dots said...

happy birthday karen. i never see you anymore. stinks!

Mimi said...

Happy birthday Karen!
I loved the part about you beind happy about your own style. The problem is that your style is fantastic and now everyone else (including me) want it to!!! I hope you had a wonderful day:)

The Neff Family said...

I am so glad you know that you have an adorable family and amazing calves!! You are inspirational! Love ya! Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

One of the best 'birthday lists' I have ever read! Hope you had a great one!