Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Take Two

Sienna is sick.

My lawn needs mowing.

My pants are too tight.

We've been summoned to the duplex, AGAIN.

I have to be in three places at the same time tonight.

I'm hungry.

I need a nap.

My nails are all broken.

I stubbed my toe.


And there is a but...(love that Mia Michaels)

I get to be home to take care of my sweet sis.

My SIL took Austin off my hands so I can focus on Squish.

Glee is back on tonight.

There is a banana bread in the oven.

I'm all caught up on laundry.

My kitchen floors have been done.

Fall is in the air.

So it's not all bad, right?


tharker said...

Leave it to Mia Michaels to set it all right ;)

Amy said...

Except for having a duplex, my annoying list is pretty similiar to yours. On the plus side, I am healthy, happy and it's not raining here.

Sarah said...

Way to look at the bright side! There is always something good we can find, although sometimes we have to look a lot harder. :)

Kelly said...

I wish I was there to plop myself on the couch with you and the girls. Enjoy a slice of bread for me and give your kiddos a hug.