Monday, September 27, 2010

Nothing Says Family Like Shared Germs

On Friday afternoon, Brad's family showed up on our doorstep.

(I don't know why I still refer to them as Brad's family. They've been my family too for over 13 years. Does anyone else still do that?)

They arrived to show support to our sister-in-law Jen who completed, with mad skills, the Indian Summer Half Marathon.

While waiting for her to finish, I asked my sister-in-law Tiff if it made her want to run such a race. She responded immediately with an absolute "yes!" Really? Because the whole thing looks painful and stressful and ouchy to me. It was beyond inspiring, for sure, but I can't imagine doing it myself. And just when I started to feel like a loser, Tiff reminded me that it was okay for us to skip these events because we are cyclists. Not runners. And to show our dedication to our beloved cycling, we committed to completing the STP next summer. More to come on that for sure.

After the race, with a slightly sore but still in great spirits Jen, we all returned to our house to celebrate which I did by promptly coming down with a speedy but yucky case of the flu. Nothing says congrats and well done like one of your hosts being doubled up in the bathroom. We still managed to have quite a few laughs and make some great memories, which is always Grandma's favorite part.


Aside from the flu and the fact that we didn't really do anything at all, we still managed a great weekend. I guess that's a testament to a family who, thirteen years strong, can make the best of any situation.

Thanks for coming guys. We loved every second.


LRichards said...

What an awesome write-up! The pictures were great. The sunglasses could stand to be airbrushed out...

tharker said...

I love the picture of Linda and all the kids! (sunglasses and all!!)

I'm with you, Karen. As amazing and inspiring as Jen is for doing this race...I still don't want to do one. I'll happily cheer her on though!

vwbabe said...

Great post Karen! It was great to run the half marathon, but it was even better to share that moment with all our family that came! I am so overwhelmed with love and support. You guys rock!