Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Free Sounds Good To Me

I've been mulling around the Christmas card thing for quite awhile now. Last year's brilliant idea COULD.NOT. come to fruition no matter how hard I tried and it nearly drove me batty. I had already decided to take an easier route this year and have been browsing some sites for inspiration.

Enter Shutterfly.

Have you seen their stuff? It's so fantastic and right now, Shutterfly is offering 50 free cards to mommy bloggers like us just for writing up a brief post about their stuff. Normally, this wouldn't be my cup of tea but these cards are adorable, their site is incredibly easy to use and the relief I feel in handing this project over to someone else is dreamy.

Go check out their stuff and see what you'd like to create with this year. I'm loving this, this and this.

Want to find out what I chose? Email me your address so I can drop some holiday cheer in the mailbox for you.

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superbrad9 said...

HA HA Harker, I got the first comment!!!!!!!