Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

Last Saturday was a special day in our little neck of the woods. Our Miss Hannah was baptized and we celebrated with family and friends. The entire group from Boise (minus Grandpa Paul who was busy working) were able to be here despite the horrid road conditions and our dear friends that live here locally all braved the weather to come and celebrate Hannah and her choice to be baptized. It was an emotional day for me as I watched my little girl take an important step in her spiritual journey.

I loved seeing her face.

I loved seeing the faces of those who love her.

I loved the beautiful song her Aunt Jen and cousin Rachael sang to her, accompanied by her grandma.

I loved the tight hug she gave her dad as she came out of the water.

I loved the sweet prayer offered up by her cousin Nathan.

But my favorite part? The part that I keep remembering and holding onto? The feeling. That palpable feeling of a higher being, that, regardless of your religious preferences, couldn't be denied. I loved knowing that our Heavenly Father was there, that He was proud of Hannah and that He made his presence known. It was tangible and true and I will remember it always.

Everyone returned to our house after the program and feasted as we always tend to do. While everyone finished their meal, I showed a video I had made to commemorate the special day. I had made one for Spencer's baptism and Hannah has been not-so-patiently waiting for hers ever since.

I think it captures her perfectly.

Congratulations Hannah. We are so proud of you.


Jenn said...

I say it every time. You are one fab mama. Congratulations to such sweet Hannah!

Sarah said...

Wish we could have attended her baptism instead of fighting the nasty flu bug. She is such a great girl. I'm glad to hear she had a very special day!

Brooklet said...

What a great post-such happy news and such a lovely girl! Congratulations, Hannah!

Kelly said...

Congratulations Hannah, sounds like a perfect day for a sweet, sweet girl!

Heather said...

I loved the video! Sounds like it was a wonderful day for everyone.

It's crazy to think that Hannah is no longer that adorable baby with crazy hair anymore. She's growing up into quite a young lady.

Amy said...

Sometimes I get sad that I don't know your children. Then I remember that blogging keeps us connected in a way not possible 10 years ago and so I need to be grateful. Then I get the major urge to pack up the kids and just head on down to see you. And then I remember that we have rear wheel drive and can barely make it up hills when it's raining, let alone snowy, icy snoqualmie pass.

So I'm reserving one of your Saturdays as soon as the weather is nice. K?

Love you, and love your kids.

PRP said...

Amy! We would LOVE that! You do need to pack up your whole family and come stay with us. We have lots of room and it would be so fun to see all the kids together. I'm going to hold you to it, ok?

tharker said...

Yes, the look on her face said everything. She was literally beaming with joy!

Congrats, sweet Hannah!

AOlson said...

The feeling was there and I am so glad that Hannah let us share that feeling with her. Kayla was in awe of Hannah that night. Congratulations sweet Hannah.

Mimi said...

I am so happy for Hannah! She is such a beautiful girl inside and out. Your tribute was wonderful. Thank you for sharing this.

lovely lindsay said...

congratulations to your pretty little one!
love, lindsay