Monday, December 06, 2010

Full Steam Ahead

Where in the world did today go? Or last weekend for that matter? Life is busy as always here at the House of J and I can't seem to keep up as well as I'd like.

Oh well. I'm over it.

Our weekend was jam packed with girls in costumes and auditoriums and we loved every minute of it. We spent the first part of Saturday evening watching Hannah as she performed in her TaVaci Program. Yeah, if you have a son or daughter who shows ANY interest in music/public speaking/dance/drama etc, get them enrolled for the winter semester ASAP. Classes are extremely reasonable and worth every penny. The growth in Hannah, in her self-confidence, in her posture, in her self-esteem is tangible and I'm so grateful for the opportunity. It was a wonderful show put on by a very pregnant TaVaci director, Katee and her amazing assistant Christy. I was so impressed with everything they've been teaching these sweet kids. Hannah BEAMED as she took the stage and loved every second of it.

We did too.

After Hannah finished up, we raced over for Sienna's ballet recital. She was a bit nervous to be up in front of all those people, but loved getting to dance on "the real Nutcracker stage." She looks every part ballerina and I was tickled watching her. Brings back a lot of great memories for me.

Other noteworthy things? My uuber talented friend Jenn has FINALLY opened up her own little shop and is selling her sweet little creations. I'm thinking every stocking needs one of these popping out of it. They look fantastic pinned on a shirt, tied in a scarf of pulled back in your hair.

And did you see the burlap wreath? Seriously. Adorable.

Also! Next Monday, the 13th, will be our Third Annual Christmas-Give-Back-FHE-Extravaganza! (maybe I should think of a shorter name...) Two years ago, my little family and her gorgeous family came together and donated blankets we weren't using anymore to a local shelter in need. Last year, her family came again, along with a few others (yay!) and we collected canned food to donate. This year, I'm hoping to fill my house to the brim with do-gooders. Want to join us? You can give one of three ways: 1) bring us gently used winter clothing. It's freezing here and we need to keep people safely warm, if nothing else. 2) Bring us some non-perishable food. Food bank donations are DOWN and I know we can help. Last year we donated 12 shopping bags FULL of food! And finally 3) bring us a donation for my Relay for Life Team. I know, I know, it's the holidays and money is tight, but this year's relay theme is Seasons of Hope and I know so many holiday seasons could be a lot brighter without cancer looming over head. I will have treats as always and I promise you, you'll be glad you came. It's a great chance to see old friends and new and fill up on holiday spirit.

Third Annual Christmas Give Back
Monday, December 13th
6:30-8:30 pm
J House

Hope you're surviving the busyness of this holiday time. It may be chaos, but I'm loving it.


Jenn said...

Shucks. Thanks lady. That christmas give back thingy sounds super fun. I bet we can round up some coats. And your girls look like stars! Gorgeous.

Mimi said...

Two gorgeous girls! I don't know how you balance it all, and manage to put on an impromptu dinner for 14. Amazing!

Oh and Jenn's shop...thank you for sharing! Such cute stuff!!!

Sarah said...

So many fun things to go and do this time of year. Hannah looks great in her picture up on stage! I would love to have Kendle do that but not sure if we could squeeze in one more thing?! Glad you are enjoying the holiday hustle and bustle! I'm so excited for Jenn's new venture too. One talented lady right there.

PRP said...

Sarah, Kendle would love it! I hope you can make it work. Hannah would be so tickled to have her in class. And Katee needs more students so I hope it works out!

Dallin and Ashley said...

Karen, have I told you lately how amazing you are and how much I look up to you and Brad? Seriously, you are fantastic. I remember when I was in Young Woman's I would think, "I want to be just like Sister Johnson and I want a relationship with my husband just like hers and Brad's." And I still think that. Like every day. :) You think I'm kidding. I'm not. You're the best!

maile said...

My goodness, your girls are beautiful! I love to read your blog - I always miss you a guys a little every time I read it.We all need to get together again sometime soon!

PRP said...

Thanks Ash! I have no doubt you and Dallin are well on your way! :)

And Maile! Get over here! I was just "telling" Amy how you all need to pack up your families and come spend a few days with us. We have lots of room and would totally love it. Throw Josh & Laura in the mix and we'll be all set!

Marilyn said...

Karen, we'll be there, with bells on. We'd hate to break tradition :)

tharker said...

The girls look so cute in their costumes! I love it!!

We'll be there on Monday!!

Kelly said...

Wow, I would have loved to see Hannah on stage. She's beaming up there, so cute! And seeing Sienna in her ballet outfit totally brought me back a couple decades and reminded me of YOU! You are doing an extraordinary job as a mom, my friend! Love ya!

PS...your Christmas tree is LOVELY!