Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Growing Problem

This is my first born, Spence.

He is nearly perfect in every way.

But he leaves his socks all over the house. I've decided I can live with it because he is nearly perfect in every way.

Other than the sock issue, Spence is lovely. Truly a wonderful kid who makes my mothering life an easy one.

Until recently.

Spence has always been a sweats and tennis shoes kind of kid. He has never liked it when I suggested something other than sweats for school and since I try to have a few standards of dress for my kids, this did not go well for the two of us. But lately, as in at the beginning of fifth grade, Spence has taken note of his appearance. Gone were the days of sweat and hoodies. Now Spence opts for jeans, often coming into my room in the morning to ask "if the painter or boot cut jeans would be better with this shirt."

I know, I just said that out loud. Poor kid.

Anyway, it's been fun for me because now he'll actually wear clothes that should be worn to school and as a whole, looks so much better. I can even (wait for it) throw a collared shirt or button up into the mix and he will happily put it on.

This is not where our problem lies.

Our problem lies in the fact that my kid is growing up so much faster than he is growing out. And I can't find clothes to fit him.

Some stats: at 10 1/2, Spence is 5'2 inches. (Freshly measured on Friday.) He has long legs and a long torso so he is basically a giganticus. (I made that word up.) But he only weighs 74 lbs. 74 freaking lbs! And so while his up, up and away is taking off, his round and about is non-existent.

So this morning I laid out some pants for him which he quickly nixed because they are itchy. Really? What does that even mean? Itchy pants? I felt all around on the inside and felt nothing suspect but he assures me that they are itchy. But I wanted to send him to school in the itchy pants because they are long enough, and his jeans, well, they're pushing it. But it's hard to find 14 slims with an adjustable waist because even at slim, they still fall off of him and now, now I'm supposed to somehow find 16 slims with an adjustable waist which I don't even think is a real size. His legs require longer sizes but his bum could still fit in a 4T (literally. He tried on some of Austn's jammies not too long ago and while they came up above his knees, THEY FIT his waist and bum. Not even lying.) He already wears mens shoes but there is no way he can wear mens clothing because he is teeny tiny. And gigantic. All at the same time.

I've tried to fatten him up. I've tried to make him walk around with bricks on his head. Nothing is working. My boy is growing and unless manpris (you know, capris, but for men?) become the height of fashion for pre-teen boys, Spence will be walking around waiting for the perpetual flood.

So this is my problem. My practically perfect son is part man-child and I have no way to clothe him. Any ideas? Because I'm thinking homemade pants on a tweener is not the look he's going for.


Rachel said...

I had a classmate who was extremely tall and thin. He wore Levi's jeans all through school because they were the only brand that made jeans that fit his tall frame. Of course, I know next to nothing about boy's jeans...but maybe levi's has a size that would fit him? :)

Amy said...

He has a cowboy body. How do you feel about Wranglers? ok, ok sorry. Just kidding. Seriously, an internet search of his stats pops up a lot of cowboy clothes. Wranglers, levi's, cinch boy-whatever those are. What about a good old fashioned belt?

Anne Marie is my super skinny kid. But it's much easier to find stuff for girls. Good luck!

tharker said...

I'm thinking you're going to have to start paying lots of visits to a tailor. I don't know if it's possible to bring them in as much as he'll need in the waist and not have them all bunchy...but maybe it's worth a try. That way he'll still get to wear the jeans he wants.

hatch said...

Oh I feel your pain Karen, every last inch of it.
Dylan has the same issue, right down the "to itchy"

Camie at "Home is where they love you" said...

He's so darn cute too...so maybe he could wear "tailored" clothes because his looks will take over.

Jenn said...

Check into men's levi's slim fit? And hope for spring to come quickly so he can wear shorts!

Sarah said...

I went through this same problem when I was about 12 and grew 3 or 4inches in a matter of months. It was horrible not being able to find pants that were long enough and I hated it if kids at school said something about my high water pants or whatever. Have you tried searching the internet for boys super slim jeans? There's got to be other parents that have the same problem right? Good luck. He's super cute no matter what.

Kelly said...

5 feet 2 inches! I cannot tell Nick that statistic, he would cry.

I like the idea given about searching in the men's/junior dept. for super slim jeans... That might pan out for you.
I also like the idea of Spencer starting the manpri revolution. You crack me up!

Mimi said...

I am disturbed that your 5th grader and I are the same height.
I think you are going to have to go for the super skinny jeans and a belt:)

maile said...

I found 16 slim skinnny adjustable waist jeans for Megan at Old Navy and they are the only jeans she will wear now. She has to have the slim and the skinny together or they don't fit her. I don't know what I will do next year. I don't know if they carry that size for boys though.

Marilyn said...

We have the same issues over here. Ethan is literally a stick, and so as he grows taller, he begins to look like a nerdy stick in highwater jeans. It's not cute. He could care less though.

Let us know if you find a fabulous solution!

Mandy Rasmussen said...

I've had this problem with all my kids - they are all tall and skinny - my sister calls them giraffes. I am always looking for length - but then the waist needs to be smaller - it's definetly challenging to find clothes that fit them right. They all have to wear belts - and I agree it's hard to find slim sizes in the bigger sizes. I bought some skinny jeans for all three of them - and they seem to like them the best. Levi's also seem to fit Jaron well. The jeans at Target fit my girls the best.