Friday, December 13, 2013

Starting Again, Again

I just stumbled across a friend's blog and discovered that she's been writing for months and I was somehow missing it.  And I loved diving in and reading about her life, even though I pretty much know all of the stories.  And it made me want to revisit this place, this space I set up long ago to tell the stories of my life.  To record the ins and outs of the 6 of us.  To have a spot to write it all down and remember the good and work through the bad.  This life we're living is so very worth my time and the stories that stumble out of our day to day are good and worth remembering.  I know I've said this before but here goes another shot at recording this life I'm loving so much.  

We're good, the six of us.  Spence has strep and Austin has been licking his chapped little lips and sort of looks like he's been playing in grandma's red lipstick, the stains extending his sweet little mouth in all directions.  Hannah is tackling a book that's been challenging for her to read (in Spanish no less) but has finally fallen in love with the characters and now can't get enough.  Sienna is loving her new haircut and has recently made a point to snuggle up to her Mama and Dad a little more frequently.  Brad is knee deep in a new biology curriculum which has given him something new to do for the first time in 14 years.  And I'm juggling the pieces thrown in the air by those five amazing creatures I call family.  I'm working more than I have in years past which has proved to be both awesome and exhausting.  I've reluctantly hung up my bike for the winter and have thrown myself into yoga which I'm completely in love with.  I now dream of yoga training camps in Bali for weeks on end which would be the most amazing thing except that I could never leave my people for weeks on end.  My people who drive me crazy with their dropped coats in the hallway and dishes around the house.  But also my people who are so tender with each other that it physically overwhelms me and fills me up with the brightest possible light.  If I learn nothing else from this life, I will know unequivocally that we are given to each other on purpose, that no mistakes are made in the crafting of our families and that life, with all it's crazy and exhaustion and pure bliss, is really only life when it's shared with those you love. 

Here's to hoping this space and I see a lot more of each other.  

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Melanie said...

This makes me silly with happiness. I love your family, your writing and you!!